Tennis Game During British India Era, 1885 Photo

Tennis Game During British India Era, 1885 Photo

A rare 1885 photo that shows a tennis game in progress during the British India era. Games were a relaxation for the white man’s hectic life in colonial times. A game of tennis in progress by Britisher players seems to have been interrupted by this photoshoot. Tennis became popular in Britain in the 1870s and was brought to India by the army and civilian officers a few years later.

The sport soon gained popularity in the British colonial establishments throughout the country. Civilian clubs and army messes popularized it more, see this photo of one such club. So much so that, tournaments started being held increasingly. Likewise, the Britishers brought many other sports into colonial India such as cricket, football, horseracing, and so on. An audience of Englishmen and Indian attendants appear to be watching the game keenly. The huge screen on the left was to block stray balls.

Did you know- that chess originated in India from ancient times, the same is with badminton which originated in Pune first played by two English soldiers in 1873. 

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unknown British photographer