Suburbs of Singapore & Electric Tram, 1910 Postcard

Suburbs of Singapore & Electric Tram, 1910 Postcard

A vintage photo postcard of the Singapore suburbs and an electric tram dating to 1910. This scene is most likely to remind us of any Indian village except for the tram. Modern Singapore was founded by the British in 1818, and headed by Sir Stamford Raffles. It was on the orders of the British Governor-General of India Lord Hastings to install a trading post on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Because of its strategic location, the island was found ideal for the protection and replenishment of British ships. Especially moving to and from China. It should be remembered that the maritime route to the Far East was discovered because of the search for Pepper the Malabar spice. This iconic photo shows the electric tram service that was first introduced in the country in 1896. Eventually, it closed down in 1927 because of financial loss.

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Did you know- today Singapore is 25% larger in landmass than it was during independence (1965) this is because of reclamation. 

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