St Mark’s Church In British Era Bangalore, 1910 Postcard

st marks church

Note the two British Army officers standing on the footpath.

View of St Mark’s Church in British era Bangalore, now Bengaluru shown in this old 1910 postcard. Named after St Mark one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. It has the hippest address – No 1 South Parade Road (now MG Road), Bangalore. After the Anglo-Mysore Wars, the British stayed back at Bangalore retaining a military contingent.

Comprising mainly of the East India Company’s Madras Army. A vast cantonment was formed to cater to the military troops that would expand later. In time, a number of churches sprung up to serve the huge contingent of European officers and soldiers in the city. One of them was St Marks Church, which was opened in 1812. Evidently, Bangalore has one of the most beautiful churches from the time of the British India era. Some of them are St Mary’s, St Andrews, St John’s, All Saints Church, and so on. St Mark’s became a cathedral in 1947.

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Did you know – the membership in the early years was 400 and in time it grew to  2000 with the arrival of more Europeans.

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