South Parade Road British Era Bangalore, 1880 Photo

south parade road bangalore

A rare 1880 photo of South Parade Road during British era Bangalore (Bengaluru). It shows the beginning of the South Parade, now M G Road, probably near Cubbon Park in British-era Bangalore. The British ransacked the Bangalore Fort in the 4th Anglo-Mysore War. Because of the cool climate and strategic location, they retained the city as an important Cantonment. The British developed the city from a cluster of villages which was centered around the fort. Bangalore grew to what it is today, spreading out from the cluster of villages from the fort.

The “South Parade” road was later renamed “M G Road” after India’s independence. It was once Bengaluru’s iconic road. Today, it is like any other regular street devoid of its British-era charm. The lush green cover of the trees that once lined both sides was mercilessly chopped down to give way for Bengaluru’s “Namma Metro.” Its boulevard was once the charm of Bengaluru, and a magnet for all ages of people to hang out. Unfortunately, it was demolished without a thought to the general public’s vehement opposition or protest. Thus, one more historical legacy was lost to modernization.

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Did you know- Bangalore was one of the earliest cities in India to get electricity which was in 1906. 

From the collection- Rare Vintage Book – Madras The Birth Place Of British India.,  Antique Photo Writer’s Building Calcutta 1900.,  Antique Print Malabar Coast Chinese Boats.,  Page From Rare 1713 Latin Book on Calicut.,  1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper (#2)

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Bourne & Shepherd