Reclamation For The Building Of The Gateway Of India Bombay, 1914 Photo

A rare 1914 photo that shows the reclamation work going on for the building of the Gateway of India in Bombay (Mumbai). The area was known as Apollo Bunder or Wellington Pier. The land was originally reclaimed in 1830 as a fishing boat landing area. It was later converted as a landing jetty for passengers arriving by steamer.

In 1914 a monument was to be built at Apollo Bunder in honor of King George V and Queen Mary’s arrival in 1911. The Royal Couple had arrived for the Delhi Durbar in 1911. Reclamation work took place to enlarge the Apollo Bunder area for the building of the Gateway of India (see photo). King George V and Queen Mary landed at Bombay’s Apollo Bunder.

Where a magnificent but temporary plaster arch was erected. To commemorate their visit a permanent monument was to be which was the now famous Gateway of India. This rare photo shows the reclamation work in progress. Partly visible on the left is the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. The iconic Taj Mahal Hotel faces the Apollo Bunder (not pictured here).

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Did you know- that George Wittet architect of the Gateway of India got his design inspiration from the Triumphal Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy.  

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