Raj Bhavan During British Era Calcutta, 1900 Photo

Raj Bhavan During British Era Calcutta, 1900 Photo

Old 1900 photo of the Government House, now the Raj Bhavan during British era Calcutta (Kolkata). The handsome structure of Government House stood in an enclosure of about 5 acres after its completion in 1803. It would be the official residence of the Governor General/Viceroy of India who at that time was Lord Wellesley.

The rooms were full of historical portraits and busts. Some of the articles, notably the chandeliers of the ballroom, had been designed by Louis XV. The chandeliers and other valuable articles were actually gifts that were destined for Tipu Sultan on a ship. Tipu Sultan was then an ally of France against the British.

The French ship which carried the valuable gifts from the French Monarch fell into the hands of the British. The seized goods were then carted all off to the Grand Mansion of Calcutta and installed there.

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One of the most enjoyable evenings was held in the huge ballroom of the Government House. Amongst the numerous state functions that took place regularly included durbars, investitures, and other official ceremonies. Today the Government House is the Raj Bhavan which is the official residence of the Bengal Governor since 1947. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- one of the grand ceremonies held in the Goverment House that was called “Star of India” in honour of then Prince of Wales Edward who came visiting in 1875.

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