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Raffles Place Singapore – Old Postcard 1920

This is a vintage photo postcard of Singapore’s Raffles Place dating to 1920. One account of Singapore getting its name is from the Sanskrit word Singa Pura. Said to be bestowed by Rajendra I of the South Indian dynasty the Chola kingdom. Other accounts refer to Buddhist monks to whom the lion was a symbolic character. The monks sighted a tiger thinking it was a lion.

There are still many more recordings of how the country got its name. Although Anglicization of the Sanskrit word Singa Pura may be more true at least for some of us. Sir Stamford Raffles of the East India Company landed on an island on the tip of the Malay Peninsula in 1819. Choosing it as an ideal location for a trading post. Thus the beginning of modern Singapore dawned from thereupon.

While developing the island, Sir Stamford instructed an area to be left for business and commercial purposes. This area was renamed Raffles Place on his memory in 1858. Read more- Raffles Place, 50 Years of Transformation.

Did you know- due to the result of past immigrations the population is diverse. Chinese predominate, Malays are the next largest ethnic group, and Indians make up the third-largest. None of those three major communities is homogeneous.

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