Prince of Wales In British Era Mumbai – 2 Old Postcards 1921

Two old 1921 postcards of the Prince of Wales in British Era Bombay, now Mumbai. This is another of the images of the Prince of Wales Edward VIII during his tour of India. Here he is shown in a carriage, acknowledging the joyous acclamation from admiring crowds in Bombay. Ceremonial troops and Indian attendants can also be seen.

Edward VIII arrived in the middle of the noncooperation movement protest called on by Mahatma Gandhi. He arrived in Mumbai to vast crowds, people lined up the streets to get a glimpse of him. Going on an extensive tour of India, his parents King George V and Queen Mary had also toured India twice. First, when he was the Prince of Wales in 1906, the second time when he was King-Emperor George V arriving for the Delhi Durbar of 1911. Edward VIII would be enthroned as King after his father’s death in 1936, but he would abdicate in the same year. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know – that the Prince of Wales Edward disliked the bloated ceremony that characterized almost every day of his progress through princely India. 

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