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Polo Crowd British India Era – Old Photo

This is an old 1900 photograph that shows a crowd keenly watching a polo match (not shown).  I’m not sure of the exact place but most likely Calcutta, Kolkata, Hyderabad, or Jaipur. Thought to have originated in Manipur a state in the northeast of India. Two British army men first observed the game in 1860 and returned back with their memories of the game.

On reaching Calcutta or Kolkata they improved on it further and created the modern game of polo. Which is played intensely today in India and many other countries where polo trophies are much challenged.

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Here an eager crowd is watching the game that is played on horseback. See the attendant in a turban with extra polo balls with him. While heatedly playing the ball often runs off the marked area the attendant is great help by throwing in the extra. 

Did you know- the oldest polo club in the world is in Kolkata.

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