Parvati Hill And Lake British Era Poona, 1860 Photo

Parvati Hill And Lake British Era Poona, 1860 Photo

An old photo of British-era Poona’s (Pune) famous Parvati Hill and lake dating to 1860. It is Poona’s, now Pune’s iconic natural landmark. The highest point in the city at a height of 2100 ft and with a panoramic view. There are steps leading all the way to the historic Temple which is 270 years old. The Temple is believed to be the oldest complex in Pune built during the Peshwa Dynasty.

And has several tunnels under the Temple complex which has been sealed. Read more in The hill temples of the Peshwas. The Temple has been a mute spectator to the slightly tumultuous history of the city. The Parvati tank supplies fresh water to half of the city today. There is a museum on the top that houses various exhibits including old manuscripts, idols, war relics, and so on.

Today it is quite a tourist attraction and also a religious pilgrimage center.

Did you know- in 1876 The Prince of Wales on his tour to India visited Parvati Hill on an elephant back. 

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