Pachaiyappa’s College & Flower Bazaar Chennai 1910 Postcard

Pachaiyappa's College & Flower Bazaar Madras, 1910 Postcard

Rare 1910 postcard of the Pachaiyappa’s college and flower bazaar. This single picture shows some landmarks of Madras (now Chennai) all apparently in George Town. One of them is the now non-existent Madras Electric Tram. The others include the Pachaiyappa’s college building (now their hall) and the flower bazaar. The once prominent college was started in the name of Pachaiyappa Mudaliar.

He was an interpreter in the British East India Company since they were in big demand in the British era days. By the time he died in 1794, he had accrued a fortune of over six lakhs in cash, bonds, jewels, etc. Since he was unmarried there were legal battles over his wealth. However, George Norton an attorney of the Madras Presidency decided to use it for charitable purposes forty years after Pachaiyappa’s death. That’s how this educational institution came into existence.

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The bazaar was also based in George Town that’s about all I know about it. Also visible are three of the trams, two are partially visible. One of them is in front of the Pachaiyappa’s College building. Chennai was the first city in India to electrify its tramway in 1895. But it had to shut down in 1953 because of labour problems and political interference.

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Did you know- many of the grain, vegetable, flower markets of the city have been shifted to the Koyembedu market that works round the clock.  

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