Old Photo – Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi 1898

This is one of the oldest photos of the Chinese Fishing Nets of Cochin, now Kochi dating to 1898. The Nets are a big draw with tourists and alike. Introduced by traders from China before the 14th century. They were maritime traders and regularly visited the Malabar coast (Kerala) in search of exotic commodities. Pepper, rosewood, teak, ivory, and so on were their main interest.

See my post- Antique Print Malabar Coast China Boats. Many of their legacies were left behind the name Cochin itself was one. The Malayalam word Cheena Chatti means Chinese wok; Cheena Bharni are similar to the jars found in China;  Idiyappam (Malayalam) is string hoppers that look similar to noodles. Other telltale signs include- Kanji (Malayalam) and Konji in Chinese for rice porridge.

Did you know- the great Naval Admiral “Zheng He” was a regular visitor to the Malabar coast a century before the Portuguese first landed at Calicut. 

From the collection- 1974 News Photo Cochin Fishing Nets.,  Vintage Postcard Madras Fishing Catamaran.,  Vintage Book 1897 – In India Or Bombay The Beautiful.,  Antique Print Carvings Of Victoria Terminus Bombay

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8 x 6 inch

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British photographer