Maharaja of Jodhpur – Photogravure 1915

This is a 1915 photogravure print of Maharaja of Jodhpur Sir Sardar Singh Bahadur. He reigned for a short period from an adolescent age of 15 until his death at 31 (1895-1911). Before 1947 India was ruled by the British Indian government and there were the princely states. British ruled provinces or presidencies controlled 60% of the sub-continent. Namely Bengal, Bombay, and Madras presidencies.

The rest 40% was controlled by the 584 odd princely states. Before 1818 Jodhpur State was better known as the Kingdom of Marwar. Then from 1818 to 1947 it became a British-controlled princely state. The last Maharajah Hanwant Singh, like many other rulers at the time, refused to sign the Instrument of Accession to India.

The IOA was invoked in 1947 to facilitate the rulers of the sovereign states to join either the dominions of  India or Pakistan. He had even briefly expressed his desire for Jodhpur to become part of Pakistan, after the red-carpet treatment he received from them. Both had a common border. But because of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Lord Mountbatten’s persuasion. The Maharaja changed his mind and agreed to become a part of the dominion of India.

Maharaja Sir Sardar Singh Bahadur seen in this portrait succeeded his father in 1895. As he was just 15 years old his uncle became the interim ruler. Until he became matured enough to take control with full powers by the age of 18. But by the time he began his rule, he spent lavishly. All at the expense of the state more for personal pleasure than officially.

So much so that the state’s revenues drained out at a rapid rate. Almost causing the sovereign state to shut down twice. The British Indian government had to step in 1903. They took away his powers and forbid him to interfere for five years. Restored his power to rule only by 1908. The Maharaja died in 1911, succeeded by his son Sumer Singh. Click on the photo for better view

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Did you know- he held the rank of a Colonel in the British Indian Army. He was also a noted polo player.

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