King George V & Queen Mary At Delhi Durbar, 1911 Postcard

King George V & Queen Mary At Delhi Durbar, 1911 Postcard

Photo postcard of King George V & Queen Mary at the Delhi Durbar in 1911. Here the King and Queen are escorted in their royal carriage to the site. The Delhi Durbar or Coronation Durbar of the emperor and empress of India in 1911, was the last time that there was to be a spectacle of exotic India.

This event eclipsed even the grandeur of the visit of the late emperor, Edward VII in 1876. When he was the Prince of Wales at that time. King George V was determined that on his accession to the throne, he would return to India. And be crowned Emperor of India. Earlier in 1905, he accompanied by his wife was in India on a royal tour as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The great durbar was held in Delhi in an area composed of two amphitheaters. At the same site as that of Lord Lytton’s assemblage in 1877 to proclaim Queen Victoria Empress of India. And the same site where Lord Curzon held the Delhi Durbar in 1903. In the 1911 ceremony, it is estimated between fifty to one lakh spectators attended. The emperor and empress sat on a covered dais, to which each Indian prince according to protocol advanced to swear allegiance. The sovereigns were presented with gifts by the various princes.

Did you know- the King broke down while reading his farewell speech in Bombay. The royal couple wept as the royal boat took them to their ship “Medina” before sailing to England. 

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