Inside View Government House Madras, 1888

Old 1888 photo with an inside view of the Government House, Madras, now Chennai. Here it shows potted plants, hanging oil lamps, and a carpeted walkway to the upper floor. The image provides a rare glimpse of the interior of the Government House at Guindy, Madras.

This is now the Raj Bhavan, occupied by the Governor of Tamil Nadu. But in the colonial era from the 1820s onwards, British Governors of Madras were the principal occupants. Previous to that the Government House was located inside Fort St George. Because potential threats from the French, Portuguese, Marathas, etc almost died out.

Residential properties and other growth expanded beyond Fort St George. Likewise was the case of the Government House. Where the British built this huge residential complex at Guindy in the 1820s. At that time Guindy lay on the outskirts of Chennai, the route to the fort was through the Mount Road. Many additions and alterations of the house took place with subsequent British Governors. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- that the location of IIT Chennai is in close proximity to the Raj Bhavan, in fact, the campus land was provided by Raj Bhavan in the 1950s.

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