Indian Museum Kolkata -Old Photo 1865

This is the view of the Calcutta’s, now Kolkata’s Indian Museum. Dating to 1865 possibly one of the oldest photos of the Museum. Named the Imperial Museum in the British India era. It opened its doors in 1814 by the Asiatic Society of Bengal, today it is the oldest in the world and the largest in India. It contains priceless and rare artifacts from all over the world in its collection.

There are a huge variety of rare objects including meteors from outer space, Egyptian mummies, skeletons, sculptures, and so on. And is a big draw with the crowds it is today a famous landmark not only in Kolkata but the whole of India. The building design is characteristic of the then Italian Architecture. Read more- Indian Museum, Calcutta.

Did you know- there are four galleries of natural history in this Indian museum at Kolkata- botanical, insect, mammal, and bird galleries. It also contains prehistoric artifacts like the giant skeleton of a dinosaur.

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#12).,  Vintage Print Aerial View of Parliament New Delhi.,  Antique Photo Ooty Town & Church 1890.,  Vintage Two Postcards Railway Station Poona / Pune 1907


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