Government House Throne Room Kolkata, PC 1890

Old 1890 PC or postcard of the British Government House Throne Room in Calcutta, now Kolkata. The pictured vast room with equally massive chandeliers and pillars was known as the Throne Room. This is because it contained Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Tipu Sultan’s thrones and other spoils of war. Although these were replicas since the original thrones were shipped to England. See 2nd image of the replica of Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s throne. The thrones were kept there as war trophies even though they were replicas, perhaps as a reminder of British war superiority. Many other valuable artifacts seized during wars were kept in the throne room if not shipped to England.

Read more about Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Golden Throne. See post Government House Calcutta – Old Photo 1890.

The Government House was the official residence of the Governor-General after its completion in 1803. Charles Wyatt, a Britisher designed this magnificent building. But after the 1857 rebellion, it housed the Viceroy of British India. Since the Viceroys were deputed by the British crown. Unlike the Governor-General posts which were appointees of the British East India Company until 1857. By 1858 the East India Company was terminated and the British Crown ruled directly over the empire. After Delhi was named the capital in 1911 the importance of the mansion diminished. It then became the official residence of the governor of Bengal from 1947 onwards.

Did you know- one of the most beautiful British-era buildings are based in Kolkatta. Unfortunately, these are slowly decaying because of a lack of maintenance. 

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