General Post Office British Era Bangalore, 1900 Postcard

A 1900 vintage postcard of British Era Bangalore’s (Bengaluru) General Post Office. After the four Anglo-Mysore wars that were fought between 1767-1799. The British had also advanced towards Bangalore and captured Tipu Sultan’s Fort in 1791. Realizing the importance of this small town because of its strategic location and cooler climate. They made Bangalore Garrison town.

The Post Office opened in 1800 by the colonial rulers being one of the most essential utility services. Since the British East India Company advanced into most of our country, communication was of paramount importance for the administrations. The East India Company opened the Bombay GPO in 1796, Madras in 1786, and Calcutta in 1784.

See my posts- Vintage Postcard Bombay GPO., and  General Post Office Building In Chennai – Old Photo 1890. The Bengaluru GPO building that is shown in the postcard was opened in 1805. It was demolished in 1980 to make way for the present building housing the GPO in Bengaluru. Read more- Postal System During British Era (before 1854).

Did you know- before postal motor vehicles arrived there were relay mail runners who would deliver postal articles across the British India Raj. The postal bundle tied on one end of a stick slung across the shoulder with a bell in the other hand, they would intensely run to cover long distances in a relay. 

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