Fort St George In British Era Madras, 1890 Photo

An 1890 photo of Fort St George in British Madras (Chennai). The view is from the beach looking towards the Fort with its unmissable flag mast. The buildings inside appear to be administrative or government buildings. Madras was practically born from this magnificent fortification which was a narrow strip of land near a desolate fishing village. However, even before the British arrived, Portuguese colonials had already a fortified settlement in the San Thome area.

Seeing the Portuguese success in trade the British followed them after 75 years. And opened a settlement a few distance away from San Thome. The history of Madras was eventful, with jostling for power between the French, Dutch, Portuguese, and English. Many violent battles were fought to get a foothold on the profitable trade of spices and textiles. The English, bit by bit took control of the land from the foreign powers. Either by way of war or through treaties and persuasion. That British colonialism in India originally began in Madras.

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Did you know- the search for Pepper landed the Portuguese in Calicut in 1498. This was the first visit of a European country to India or to the East by the sea route.  Opening the doors to exploration and later colonization by the Europeans of many countries in the east. 

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