Exhibitions & Amusements In British Era Bombay – 6 PCs 1905 

esplanade exhibition bombay

bombay exhibition at the oval maidan

amusement park bombay

Six 1905 postcards that give a rare glimpse of the exhibitions and amusement during British-era Bombay. Field exhibitions and amusements were common entertainments during the British Raj days. Held in regular intervals for the benefit of Europeans and Indians. It gave an update and also sales of consumer products. The temporary amusement parks seen in these postcards were a welcome relief from the daily grind for people.

The 1st postcard displays a large exhibition, it is likely from the 1880s and is probably one of the earliest views. The site location seems to be on the Esplanade. The Back Bay can be seen on the right, which was then seem to be undeveloped. The 2nd postcard is from around 1900 and shows an exhibition at the Oval Maidan. On the left are the row of public buildings, out of which two of them are visible, the Rajabai Clock Tower and the Bombay Secretariat. The High Court which precedes the Rajabai Clock Tower is not visible here.

The 3rd and 5th images show amusements of water-based theme parks. One of the park’s locations is at the Esplanade near Churchgate Station. See the railway line on the left side leading to Colaba from Churchgate Station. The other location of the theme park is unknown. The 4th and 6th postcards are again about exhibitions, one of its venues is the Azad Maidan, and facing the grand Victoria Terminus. The other is the Ladies section of a Bombay Exhibition.

Did you know – that cinema did not come into full effect until the 1920s so the best sort of entertainment were the exhibitions, theater, dance, sports, etc.

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bombay exhibition at the oval maidan

backside oval maidan exhibition

ladies exhibition