Europeans At Snipe Shooting British Era Madras, 1900 PC

shooting in british madras


A rare 1900 postcard showing Europeans at snipe shooting in British Era Madras (now Chennai). Snipe is a type of waterfowl that is mostly found in wetlands and paddy fields. Britishers took this as a game hunting since its meat is said to be edible. One of the Britishers is aiming his gun the other is loading his weapon seemingly a 12-bore gun.

The rest of the people seem to be the indigenous tribes of the region who were hunter-gatherers. The place is presumably in outer Nungambakkam or in Adyar or even Guindy. These places were not in the city limits at the time and were more or less forested with tracts of wetlands. Game shooting was a big pastime for the white man who mostly worked in Fort St George. Although the British era is remembered more for the bigger game hunting that was popular with the Europeans and Maharajas alike.

Did you know – that the tiger population almost got wiped out because of over hunting. 

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