Esplanade Road British Era Madras, 1900 Photo

Esplanade Road British Era Madras, 1900 Photo

An old 1900 photo of Esplanade Road during British era Madras (Chennai). A broad perspective of history can be gauged in this old photograph of 1900. Shows the Madras High Court building, the narrow and domed spires of the Anderson Church, and the Armenian Church. A part of the Madras Christian College’s building is also visible. It lies just adjacent to the Armenian church.

The Madras Christian College and School moved into the old sailors’ building on the Esplanade Road in 1846. In 1936, the college again shifted, this time to its present sylvan campus in Tambaram. Its building on Esplanade Avenue was bought by Bombay Mutual Insurance Co. Interestingly you will notice the earliest of the electric trams in the city.

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The tram service started operation in 1895. It was the first electric Tramway in India. It was popular with commuters but unfortunately had to close down in 1953, primarily because of labour problems. But I have a sneaking suspicion it would have still been running if the British were managing it today. You can also tell the foresight of the Britishers with the broad avenues and routes they had provided in their time. Despite the fact that only a sparse number of motor cars were plying in those days. This avenue is presently known as the NSC Bose Road. Click on the photo for better view

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Did you know- the Armenians (from Armenia) once a large community in Madras, now Chennai, have dwindled to a tiny few.  

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Mohini On A Swing” – Vintage Print 1930s.,  Cotton Bales At Bombay Terminus – Old Print 1862., Old Book – City Of Gold The Biography of Bombay


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