Esplanade & Madras Christian College, Old Photo 1877

Rare old 1877 photo of the Esplanade and the Madras Christian College building. This almost bare looking place is actually the present-day NSC Bose road area of early Madras, now Chennai. It comes under George Town earlier called Black Town. And extends from the Parry’s Corner area.

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The road has been variously called Esplanade Road, China Bazaar Road, now NSC Bose Road. Some of the rows of buildings could be identified as Madras Christian College (MCC), Anderson hall or church, and Standard Chartered Bank. Not sure which are the others. The vast empty ground with a lone mystery woman visible is apparently the “Esplanade” from which the street got its name. 

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Chennai was founded by the British East India Company in the early 1600s. Trading outposts were created allowing access to the highly valued Indian textile sources. Originally a fortified company town, known as Fort St George. In the next two centuries Chennai, along with Mumbai and Kolkata all British created cities became one of the three legs of the powerful British Empire in India. Click on the photo for better view. 

Did you know- that Madras was once under French occupation. In 1746 Fort St George along with the city had been captured by the French, but returned to the British only in 1748 after a treaty. 

From the collection- Vintage Raja Ravi Varma “Shivaji” Oleograph Print., Bandra Near Bombay – Old Print 1882., Duke Of Edinburgh At Parel Station Bombay – Old Print

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