Colonial Officer’s Bungalow In British India Era, 1865 Photo

An 1865 photo of a colonial officer’s bungalow during British India era. A large bungalow probably owned by a British officer of high ranking. He seems to have been entitled to a retinue of servants and horsecart. Here he appears to be leaving for work on his tandem horsecart. The photo shows well-attired Indian servants. One of them saluting, two others holding the horses, and another a Britisher holding a whip.

The sprawling bungalow looks spacious with a wide verandah. The house has a verandah in the front that extends to the left side. This design indicates that this was a very early-period home. Since, in the later years, these types of home design became outdated. Consequently, in the late 19th century, homes were generally designed with verandahs in the front and many a times in the back. Although this was not the norm.

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Did you know- the bungalow’s essentially composed of the verandah, drawing room, dining room, bedrooms with bath, and kitchen with work area. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper (#2)., Century In Malabar Peirce Leslie & Co – Old Book.,  Antique Print-Plan Of Suratta or Surat c1720


Photo Details

Year -


Photograph Size -

6 x 3.5 inches

Photographer -

Unknown British Indian photographer