British Family On Vacation India, 1880 Photo

British Family On Vacation India, 1880 Photo

Old 1880 photo that shows a glimpse of colonial life, a British family on vacation in India. Notice the tent in the background and a partly visible wooded area. The oppressive Indian summer heat could be unbearable. Forcing many of the Britishers to head to the hills such as Simla, Mussoorie, Srinagar, and so on in the north. Kodaikanal, Ooty, Munnar, Bangalore, and so on in the south of India.

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Also visible in their midst is an Indian attendant. They had full camping paraphernalia that included tents for the servants. The tents pitched included for dining, kitchen, store, toilet, etc. The heat made the British take vacations to the cooler hill stations regularly. Many Britishers applied for posts in India vigorously. For the simple reason, it had all the trappings of power and luxury that were not there at home.

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Did you know- after the sepoy mutiny of 1857, to be cautious of any fomenting trouble from the locals, European families would travel in groups.

From the collection- 1971 Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative First Day Cover., Buckingham Canal In Chennai – Old Print 1922., Watson’s Hotel Bombay – Old Postcard 1907., Indian Railways One Hundred Years – Old Book 1953





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8 x 6 inches

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Unknown British Indian photographer