British Family At Dal Lake Kashmir, Old Photo 1895

Old 1895 photo of a British family at Dal Lake in Kashmir India. Inscribed on the back is “Dal Lake May 7 95”. A group of British families at a wooded campsite probably near the lake. Although the lake is not visible but perhaps lies in the background or extreme foreground of the picture.

Also visible are the Indian servants, and the field tents. Tents were not only as living quarters but were also used as kitchens and servants’ quarters. The Europeans enjoyed the cooler climatic places such as Simla, Kashmir, Mussoorie, Dehra Doon, and so on in northern India. And Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, etc in the south.

The picture speaks for itself about Britishers enjoying life in India. The lushness of the place is apparent with huge shady trees visible all over. These perhaps are Walnut or Chinar that were once abundant in Kashmir. Unfortunately, modernization and haphazard tourism are taking a toll, this beautiful greenery seems to be vanishing steadily today.

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Did you know- Dal Lake is the second largest one in Jammu and Kashmir, Wular is the Largest.

From my collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph c1894.,  c1845 Bombay Overlooking Fort Steel Engraved Print., Antique Print- Plan of Fort St George & Madras c1746., c1908 Picture Postcard Of Bombay Soldier With Ode

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8 x 6 inches

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Unknown British Indian photographer