Back Bay & Wooded Malabar Hill Bombay, 1890 Photo

back bay and malabar hill bombay

An 1890 photo of the Back Bay and the wooded Malabar Hill area in Bombay (Mumbai). Malabar Hill and Back Bay were part of the “H” shaped Bombay Island before the reclamation. A lone boat seems to stand in anchor near the shores of the Back Bay. Scattered homes can be viewed on the shore and hillock.

Towards the tip of the Malabar Hill is the Malabar Point. It is where the Government House, later the Raj Bhavan, was located. After the “Back Bay Reclamation Project” the curved gravelly shore was expanded to become the famous Chowpatty Beach. The lone boat is either a fishing boat or a timber boat. Timber was offloaded on one corner of the beach called Lakdi Bunder or Timber Depot.

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Did you know – Malabar Hill was where the pirates or Malabaris (from Malabar/Kerala) took refuge thus giving the place its name.  

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