B B & C I Railway Oil Tanker – Old Photo 1930

This is the B B & C I Railway’s photograph of a new oil tanker dating to around 1930. The then Belgian company Ateliers De Construction De Et A Familleureux built the tanker. It was for the Bombay Baroda & Central Indian Railway or B B & C I.

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Both the Bombay Baroda & Central Indian Railways and Great Indian Peninsula Railways were the creations of the British India raj in 1849 and 1855 respectively. Both were based in Bombay or Mumbai and got integrated into the Indian Railways after India’s independence. Ateliers De Construction De Et A Familleureux was founded in 1919 by industrialist Carlos Dolphem. It primarily produced streetcars or trams, wagons, oil tankers, and so on.

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Did you know- the railways were first introduced to India in the mid 19th century for the transportation of cotton and other commodities from the deep interiors of the country. It was only after the first train journey from Mumbai to Thane the railway’s potential realized. 

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11 x 8 inches

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Ateliers De Construction De Et A Familleureux