Arunachaleswarar Temple Bombay Postal Censor, 1915 Postcard

Arunachaleswarar Temple Bombay Postal Censor, 1915 Postcard

Arunachaleswarar Temple Bombay Postal Censor, 1915 Postcard

This is an old rare 1915 postcard that shows the “Passed Censor Bombay” seal on the back and the Arunachaleswarar Temple on the front. This is a rare WWI British India era Postcard. The uniqueness is that it shows the “Passed Censor Bombay” rubber-stamped seal on the back, see image. In World War I, it was a practice by almost all countries to impose postal censorship.

And it was no different for India. Since it played a significant role in World War I under the British Empire. Supplying troops, funds, logistic support, and so on to the British. Thus the colonial government was dead against any information or news falling into the hands of the German, Austro-Hungarian, or Ottoman enemies. Making matters worse was the increasing quit India protests from the nationalists.

All this made the British to enforce postal and newspaper censorship. For which reason the creation of this WWI rubber-stamped censorship seal. Today this postcard is a throwback to the once Bombay’s postal censorship laws in WWI.

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Incidentally, this Arunachaleswarar Temple is in the town of  Tiriwannannamalai or Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. One of the largest and holiest shrines of Hinduism in India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the construction of this huge Temple complex was completed in the 9th century.

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Did you know- the complex covers 25 acres. There are four gateway towers or gopurams. The tallest is the eastern tower, at a height of 66 metres (217 ft), making it one of largest Temple complex in the country.

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