Army Games Bombay British India Era, Old Print 1895

This print is a page from The Illustrated London News of 1895 showing the army games in Colaba Bombay. Since the British India era army and navy did not believe in the dictum of “All Work And No Play”. Sports and games became an important part of the curriculum in molding a person to become a better soldier. Invariably the army, naval, or air force units or regiments had regular games in the evening hours.

Primarily to relieve the soldier from the stress and strain of the rigorous training and work. This on the passing of years evolved into competitive sports between regiments. Later developed into an international military games competition. Thus shown in this print is the Military games or tournament at Colaba in Mumbai in the 1890s.

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Looking towards the north the Backbay can be seen. The Churchgate Station Terminus building did not come up yet. So also the Mumbai Marine Drive did not make an appearance until the 1900s. Nariman point was not ready from reclamation until the 1970s, today it is one of the most expensive commercial properties in the world. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- football is the most popular sport in the world, partly thanks to the British Army who introduced it across the Empire. Football was played at most military bases and cantonments.

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