American Consular’s Bungalow In British Era Madras, 1912 PC

American Consular's Bungalow In British Era Madras, 1912 PC

postcard back

Old 1912 photo postcard showing the bungalow of the American Consular in British Era Madras (now Chennai). An uncommon photo that gives a glimpse of a foreign consul and his residence in Madras. A closer look at the nameplates in the photo reveals the name, Mr. Jose De Olivares, American Consular Service (left nameplate). And Vernon Villa (right nameplate).

A horse-drawn carriage with its liveried attendants seems all set to drive the American consul to his office. The consul himself can be spotted sitting at the back in a white dress and hat. He may have been in charge of the American Consular Service in Madras. His spacious bungalow is shown at the back, partially hidden by lush trees. The location is most likely Mount Road in Madras. It was here that some of the colonial elite resided at the time.

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Did you know – a US Consular Agent of the Madras Presidency was established in 1794.

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