A Palm Grove Bombay – Old Postcard 1903

This is an old 1903 postcard of a palm grove in Bombay, now Mumbai. Once lined on both sides of the road where coconut palms and old tiled houses. This is a throwback to the days of a lush and unhurried Mumbai that is unimaginable today. Bombay’s transformation from a once jungle, swamplands, and rocky terrains to what it is today is absolutely amazing.

Although it is getting to be a concrete jungle packed with humanity. After colonization by the Portuguese and later the British, the land was developed for paddy cultivation, coconut plantation, toddy tapping and so on. There were many fishing villages inhabited by Koli fishermen.There were also the original communities of inhabitants in Bombay the Bhandaris, Prabhus, and so on.  The place shown is probably Girgaum or Girgaon.

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Did you know- some places in Mumbai got their names from trees. The place “Parel” got its name from the Paral Tree, “Wadala” is from the Wad or Banyan Tree. Places starting from “Chinch” is after the tamarind tree.  

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