1903 Delhi Durbar British Army Camps, Old Photo

This is an old photograph of British army camps at the 1903 Delhi Durbar. The Delhi Durbars were grand spectacles not seen since Moghul times. Shown here are a number of military camps for the mounted officers of the British Indian Army. The officers seem to be busy with preparations. Some on horsebacks, some standing near field guns. Faintly visible in the background is a mounted regiment lined up.

Notice a number of cannons with stacked cannon balls probably as showpieces. The 1903 Delhi Durbar was one of the grandest of all. Lord Curzon then the Viceroy of India took all pains to make it a success. He took complete charge of overseeing the arrangements of the Delhi Durbar even to the last detail. Unfortunately, King Edward VII could not make it for whom this grand ceremony was held in the first place.

It was to mark the King as the new sovereign after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. For Viceroy Lord Curzon this came as a huge disappointment. But the King deputed his younger brother the Duke of Connaught in his place. Nevertheless, the Durbar was held as scheduled which became a spectacular success. There were various other camps besides the British army ones. Most notable of them were for the Maharajas and other Indian Royalty. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Curzon took an active interest in military matters. In 1901, he founded the Imperial Cadet Corps or ICC. Better known as the NCC or National Cadet Corps today. 

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